Mouldy silicone in my shower, how can I fix it? Let’s talk about silicone and the role it plays in your home.

Mouldy silicone is not the fault of the installer or the manufacturer and really not you, because the silicone will generally mould in an area that is close to moisture.It’s there to provide a seal that flexes with movement and hangs in there when things are tough….

The shower is the main offender where mouldy silicone is found because the shower is an enclosure where there is heat, moisture and soap from shampoos and bars.
In most cases along with what we wash off ourselves, mould occurs just like a bacterial evolution, manufacturers do not guarantee the silicone against mould or any other discoloration for that matter. As I said above it is not really your fault because you don’t even know what causes the mould in the first place but if you did you would certainly try and prevent it….. wouldn’t you?
What other areas are there that can get mouldy?
One place that comes to mind is a bath, it’s a place where the kids play and splash but the water sits comfortably on the surrounding surface while the silicone is waiting for someone to dry it but it doesn’t happen so it dries up and leaves soap residue. Again it’s the soap residue that is a precursor to the mould, but lets not forget the basin or the sink and I can almost see a hand pump of liquid soap sitting by the basin while your washing hands together under the water splashing soapy water around the basin not drying up or cleaning it and  leaving it for somebody else, again this is where the mould starts.

So how can I fix it since I now know how mould starts?

CUT IT OUT, the offending silicone needs to be removed and reapplied, by leaving it black it only gets worse and slowly borrows its way through to the rear of the silicone bead. In some cases the silicone moulds from the rear and drives through to the front, be cautioned that once the mould is in the silicone it stays in the silicone until you or a professional deals with it.

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Matt Tucker