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Clean sharp lines are a true sign of quality workmanship that the building industry has come to expect from CAULKRIGHT

If you’re not using a professional caulker like Caulkright, Caulking can be a messy job and

without an experienced person on the job, great work by other trades can be sacrificed by an inexperienced person.

If you think the cheapest price will save some money or by having a go yourself the result maybe a poor quality job!

Watching YouTube videos on Caulking are not how the professional’s do it at all so don’t waste your time,

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We have been established for 13 years and have serviced the construction industry on all levels; we provide knowledge, service, a professional level of skill and quality workmanship.

Caulking is a finishing trade / service and has grown to the point where all new, renovated and existing homes require caulking to some degree.

Most new homes are caulked throughout, renovations generally to the new areas and existing homes where caulking has deteriorated.


The areas in question must be clean and dry for example, the paving must be cleaned and sealed, the bathroom must have its painting finished and the plumber fitted off and again clean and dry.

Expansion joints need the brickwork acid washed, windows must have tape removed and the frames clean, so in conclusion when we arrive all we need to do is our job and as I always say

“if it’s not my mess I’m not the one who will be cleaning it”.

Other services we provide include:


Grout recoloring

Grout sealing

Sealing paving and stone

High pressure cleaning

Glass Pool Fencing Protection

Glass Shower screen protection

General surface protection