GLASS POOL FENCING & SHOWER SCREENS benefit from a Glass Protection Coating –  “Nano surface Glass PROTECTION” & a LIFE TIME WARRANTY

Nano surface protection is another service on offer , we are Licensed Ezicleen applicators, we can treat NEW GLASS SHOWER SCREENS IN MELBOURNE


to their original clear and shining best.


Glass Pool Fencing is perfect for Nano surface protection

Surfaces treated with Diamon-Fusion® (Patented nanotechnology) become WATER and OIL REPELLENT.

The less water and oil that sticks to the surface the less it can deposit its contents, such as hard water stains, soap scum

and other contaminants that can make your surfaces spotted and ugly.

superior glass protection, waterdrop on a nano treated surface

Home owners are amazed how NANOTECHNOLOGY glass coatings – nano surface protection helps maintain,

protect and restore your SHOWER SCREENS surface because of the benefits they deliver which result in:

A reduction in mould and bacteria

Less frequent cleaning, no harsh scrubbing or chemicals

Improves Scratch resistance and Impact resistance

At lease 20% more brilliance

Stain and Graffiti Resistance

UV Stable coating, Prevents glass corrosion

Resistance to leaching of calcium, lime and sodium from hard water

Look below, see how the water sits off the glass once treated

Although most glass SHOWER SCREENS appear to have a smooth surface,

the reality is glass by nature has microscopic peaks and valleys in virtually ever sheet.

One application of our glass NANOTECNOLOGY protective coating the areas become smoother,

fewer drops can stick to and dry on the glass thus making the surface more hygienic and easier to clean.

Most importantly you can now extend the life of your interior and exterior surfaces with glass coatings – Nano surface protection.

Our surface treatment is a wonderful solution in maintaining lustre and value to your home and can be applied to:-

Shower screens

Frameless shower screens

Pool Fencing / Glass Balustrades


Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass Roofs


Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Basins, Baths and Toilets

Windscreens and more…..

Consumers and business buy glass to enhance the beauty of their homes and business,

Remember if your surface is protected with a low-maintenance coating you will avoid seeing those hard water ,

soap scum, sea salt and environment elements that become almost impossible to remove.

Ezicleen are Australia’s only licensed applicator of Diamon-Fusion® (Patented nanotechnology)

and we are the only company with a Patented product that offers a “LIFE TIME WARRANTY”. .

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