Waterproofing in Melbourne compliments

the list of our professional services offered.

ensuite shower tankingInternal areas should include: liquid applied membrane

Laundry room floor
Powder room floor
Behind basins and sinks is a requirement by building inspectors


Internal, being a habitable space requires more than a keen eye,

it’s a critical area that must not be done on the cheap.

Because once the tiles are on, shower screens is in,

it becomes very costly to rectify IF there were a problem.

The point is, the cheapest price rarely equates to a good quality work!



External areas can include:

Retaining walls
Ponds, Retaining walls

External Rooftop and Balcony membrane work is top level critical, 10/10,

the same as shower sealing because many times a living space is over the above mentioned areas and

when things go wrong here they really go wrong, choose a contractor carefully.


                   Remedial works, solutions for failures, such as any thing that leaks after it has been waterproofed generally…..

so lets just say you don’t want to end up here, but we can help with success.

                    Tanking is a trade term used instead of waterproof.


               Waterproof of any substrate should be done by a certified applicator and a certificate of warranty should be issued on payment.

Waterproofing membranes of any materials are made to last and applied correctly buy a certified company the cards are in your favor.


Speak to the contractor and gain an understanding about the Master Builders code of practice for waterproofing to know what’s exactly being done before tiling.